What's inside our ready-built themes?

 Our themes are designed to save you time, effort and money by giving you the tools you need for a successful meeting, campaign or initiative.

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Start Guide (all themes) — a content guide that walks you through the specific thinking and communication related to the theme.  You can use it as-is or use it to polish up your own ideas.  In the Start Guide, I write as though I’m you — the leader/communicator who is about to address the troops!

Logos/Branding (all themes) — Professionally designed logos and branding to drive your theme.  These come in print and screen versions and are ready to insert into any program (from Microsoft Word and Power Point to Photoshop and Illustrator).  They are delivered in several formats for both print and screen/web use.

Power Point Slide Deck (all themes) — Having visual support is key.  All themes come with completed, ready-built Power Points.  You simply add your content, text or company logo to the individual slides, and you’re good to go.  Power Points are delivered in HD (1920x1080) which is 16:9 AND SD (1024x768) which is 4:3.

Power Point Backgrounds (all themes) — Like to create your own slide deck for your presentation?  Backgrounds in HD 1920x1080 (16:9) and SD 1024x768 (4:3) are included.

Posters (applicable themes) — Ready-built, ready-to-print 11” x 17” posters to help you communicate your theme in your company or organization.  To print them, you can use your in-house printer, send them to a local printer or use an on line service.

Banners (applicable themes) — Depending on the theme and like the posters, some themes come with ready-built, ready-to-print 2’ x 4’ banners.  Use a local banner printer or upload them to an on-line printer.    

Take-Aways and Bonus Content (applicable themes) — Downloads and tools you can use to increase engagement and interaction with the theme.

Other services we offer:

Adding Your Logo or Brand to a theme.  Want your company/organization logo/brand baked into your theme?  We can do that!  Ask for details.

Custom Theme Development – we do that too for leaders and communicators who have specific organizational and operational initiatives or objectives.  We'll write it, design it and deliver it with all theme components you ask for.

Coaching – we want you to be successful, so if you have a question or need some help communicating something, we’re happy to give you some feedback to help you be a better leader and communicator.

Facilitation – sometimes, it helps to have an outsider to lead and communicate ... it can be a big help.  If that’s what you need, get in touch to discuss.