Tools to engage a changing workforce

The American workplace is changing.

No where is that underscored more than in the comprehensive report, State Of The American Workplace, published in February 2017 by the Gallup organization.

Their report draws on more than 195,600 U.S. employees via the Gallup Panel and Gallup Daily tracking in 2015 and 2016, and more than 31 million respondents through Gallup’s Q12 Client Database.  

Here are a few relevant statistics about the 100 million full-time employees in the American workforce according to the report (get your copy here):

- 33% (one in three employees) in the American workforce is engaged at work. Engaged means they love their job and make their organizations better. 

- 16% are actively disengaged — they are miserable and destroy what most engaged employees build.

- 51% are not engaged — they are just there.

Wow!  Better get to engaging your people! 

The 211-page Gallup Report reflects a changing workforce in America that will require new tools and creative approaches to bolster the current one-in-three that’s truly engaged while providing a clear path for the 51% that aren’t engaged — to be engaged in what they do on your organization’s behalf. Oh, and let not forget the 16% that are actively disengaged meaning they are doing whatever they can to destroy your positive efforts!



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