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What is NeedATheme?

NeedATheme delivers ready-to-use operational and organizational themes for meetings, campaigns or initiatives.  More than just an idea or a catchy slogan, you get everything you need to impact mission, cast vision, communicate challenging topics, engage your people and improve your organization.

What’s in our ready-built themes?

Our theme packages are delivered via download and include a complete logo set for print and web use, ready-to-print posters (11”x17”) (and in some themes), ready-to-print banners (2’x4’).  You’ll also receive a PowerPoint and PowerPoint backgrounds in 4:3 (1024 x 768) and 16:9 (1920 x 1080) to build your own presentation in PowerPoint or Keynote. Many themes also ship with BONUS CONTENT ... goodies you can use to enhance the theme's impact.

Last, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY,  you receive the theme's START GUIDE ...

The Start Guide contains pre-written content to help get you going … or polish up your own thoughts and ideas.  If you have no clue what to say or how to present the theme, the Start Guide is great content to use and really gives you a head-start.

How can I use the themes?

After you purchase a theme, you’ll receive an email with a download link to a file containing all the contents of the theme organized by folder for easy access and understanding.  You can use the theme however you wish … you just can’t resell it (and I would prefer you not send it to a friend) without them also helping to support our efforts ($$). You get the idea.

Any special skills required to use the themes?

Nope.  That’s the whole idea of NeedATheme!  Our themes let you focus on what you want to say NOT how you’re going to say it, frame it and present it.  We’ve got that one covered.

If you know how to create a PowerPoint presentation and place an image into Microsoft Word, you’re good to go.  If you have someone handling your website or producing flyers or a newsletter, they will be perfectly happy knowing they are receiving the correct type of logos for either a printed piece or the web. You’ll be a hero!

Can the themes be customized for my organization?

You bet!  For example, you may want your logo to appear on the theme logo, poster, banner and/or the Power Point or Power Point backgrounds. Or, you may want to incorporate your company logo AND colors.  We can do that!  Contact us and we can provide a quote.

Can you create a custom theme just for me?

Have an idea for a theme you would like developed but don't have the time or expertise?  Sure, we’d love to help.  Our team of writers, designers and organizational specialists do that every day ... let us do it for you.  Contact us and we’ll set up a time to talk.

Coaching and theme facilitation ...

While we give you everything you need to pull off your next meeting, campaign or initiative, you may want someone to talk you through it or present it on your behalf.  We offer coaching and facilitation services to help you do just that!  Get in touch to discuss.