About us


The idea for NeedATheme started as a way to solve my own problem — and in solving my problem, I may have solved yours, too!

Hi, I'm Robert, creator of NeedATheme.  I've either owned businesses or managed businesses for others for almostRobert Carpenter, Founder, NeedATheme 30 years. In that time, one thing has been constant:  people, and the need to communicate well and lead them effectively.

For years, I’ve looked for quality ready-to-use operational and organizational themes — not just catchy sales slogans or motivational quotes. 

I wanted well thought out ideas with all the support (professional ready-to-use logos, PowerPoint presentations, and backgrounds to build my own.  In a perfect world, these ready-built themes would include well-written content and ideas I could download and use right away with little to no tweaking.

Our ready-built themes are for people who lead people!

After a lot of searching (and no luck), I decided to assemble a team and start creating what I call "ready-built themes" that you could use to help you impact mission, cast vision, communicate challenging topics, engage your people and improve your organization.

I hope you find what we’ve created a help — they have sure helped me!

Feel free to connect if you have a suggestion on how we could improve what we're doing.

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Robert Carpenter
Founder, NeedATheme