What are you doing in 2019 to improve both your people and your operation?

What are you doing in 2019 to improve both your people and your operation?

8 Benefits of Using Themes

Using themes have helped me be a better leader and communicator not to mention improving the organizations I've been part of — all stuff that could apply to you as well.

Here are 8 specific benefits I've experienced.  Using themes ...

    1. Helps me frame what I want to say. 

    We live in a multimedia-driven culture.  In order for it to "stick", people need to hear it, see it and experience it, often with others who are doing the same.

    2. Impacts and improves our company's culture.

    Themed communication touches everyone making it easier to get "buy-in" from the group as opposed to just one or two people.  Peer pressure can be a positive thing!

    3. Provides a platform to challenge performance. 

    You'll always have the need to either change or improve behavior and performance.  Themes help challenge people to "step up".

    4. Makes communicating easier for me and you (thanks to the things we provide with our themes). 

    This includes the Start Guide that walks you through how to implement the theme.  Logos, branding, Power Points, Posters and other goodies really make our themes Ready-Built and ready-to-go!

    5. Gets people focused, united and talking

    (in a positive way).

    If you and your people are always busy, themes can help your people see the big picture, beyond the numbers and beyond the day-to-day!  That  ultimately leads to people talking about your theme (using the theme's language and branding).

    6. Allows me to deal with issues before they become big, hairy Orangutans!

    Baby Chimpanzees are cute.  Big, hairy Orangutans are not!  The little problem you have now (the baby Chimpanzee) can easily turn into a big, hairy Orangutan.  Themes have helped me get in front of issues before they become problems — operational, organizational and HR!

    7. Gives my initiatives greater shelf-life.

    If you want your message to "stick", you've got to have the tools and the glue to do it.  Themes do just that!

    8. Saves me (and you) time, energy and money.

    I love being able to provide leadership and communication tools that are ready-built ... download and go or use them to polish up your own ideas.